Family Engagement

Family Advisory Committee

St. Clair Child & Youth Services (SCCYS) is pleased to support the Sarnia-Lambton Family Advisory Committee.  This group of family members with the lived experience of having a loved one who has been involved in the child and youth mental health system, are working to help make positive change in the system while supporting each other.  This effort is supported by SCCYS and Parents for Children's Mental Health Ontario.  This is an open committee to members of the community.  For more information please contact:
Jennifer Mullins - mulljen [at] stclairchild [dot] ca            Stephanie Cortez - s [dot] cortez [at] live [dot] ca
Family Adivisor/Co-Chair                                           Co-Chair 
What is Family Engagement?

Family engagement is an active partnership between families and service providers. It can be an individual relationship between a clinician and a family, an organizational alliance between an agency and families in their community, or a systemic recognition of family-centred care. Regardless of the definition, when families are engaged, programs and services are stronger and young people are healthier.




There are three main categories of involvement for families:

  1. Families as recipients of services: Programs are typically led by professionals and improve the ability to deal with behaviours through improved problem-solving and reduced stress.
  2. Family-led supports/programs/Families as co-therapists: Families helping families such as family-driven support groups and mutual support programs are associated with reduced subjective burden and distress
  3. Engagement through the process of involvement: Factors that impact on family involvement in care (e.g., therapeutic alliance, empowerment, expectations of families and choice)


Family Engagement at St. Clair Child & Youth Services

St. Clair Child & Youth Services is in the process of developing a family engagement strategy with the guidance of The Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health and Parents for Children’s Mental Health.

It is our hope that with the help of parents, staff, and management that we can develop our family-centred approach and as always strive toward the very best services possible for the children and youth of our community.  As part of our commitment to families in Lambton County, we have hired a Family Advisor to assist in the development and implementation of a Family Engagement Model that works for Lambton County.  

For more information please contact:

mulljen [at] stclairchild [dot] ca (Jennifer Mullins), Family Advisor

mulljen [at] stclairchild [dot] ca


Please note that the agency will be closed on Monday, February 19th for Family Day.