Board Members

               Board of Directors 2018-19

St. Clair & Youth Services is governed by a community Board of Directors. Essentially the membership of the Board is drawn from citizens either living or working in the community. Persons from all walks of life have been or are represented on the Board, in an effort to reflect a broad cross-section of the community and a diverse number of viewpoints. Efforts are made to ensure that there is a balanced, equitable representation from business, professional, ethno-racial and other groups located in the community and served by the agency.  Now recruiting for vacant positions - click here.



Colleen Sim (President)                 Julie Cardy (Vice President)         Carrielyn Smith (Treasurer)



Brian White (Past President)      Mick Jackson                                   Patricia Jamieson



Darryl Latawiec                              Kyle McVittie                                   Dr. Sudit Ranade   



Dr. Robert Walker                          Curtis Robichaud                           Carly Roberts



Vacant Position                              Vacant Position                               Vacant Position


If you are interested in learning more about opportunities to become involved with the Board of Directors, please click here.