Crisis Services

Crisis Services

This is a short-term service dedicated to direct referrals for children/youth ages 6-17 years old from Bluewater Health and the SCCYS Walk-In Clinic.  The service is a crisis intervention provided in a safe therapeutic environment.  The therapist will use a solution-focused approach and will build on the family’s capacities/strengths to ensure the safety of the child/youth.  Should further services be required, your clinician will consult with you regarding the various options and facilitate the process.

Some possible benefits of participating in Crisis Services:

  • collaboration in the creation of a safety and treatment plan
  • may improve relationships and emotional regulation, provide solutions to specific problems, and reduce feelings of distress

Some possible risks of participating in Crisis Services:

  • there will be a change in workers when transferring from Crisis Services to other services
  • more intensive services may be recommended that you hadn’t considered


Please note that access to this service is by referral only.  This is not an emergency crisis service.  In the case of a crisis situation, children, youth and their families can access the emergency department at Bluewater Health or contact the 9-1-1/police as appropriate.       




Please note that as a result of COVID-19 safety precautions our Walk-In Clinics and County Mental Health Clinics are on hold however, our services remain OPEN.  To schedule an appointment or find out more, please contact our Intake Dept. at (519) 337-3701.