Board Members

               Board of Directors 2021-22

St. Clair & Youth Services is governed by a community Board of Directors. Essentially the membership of the Board is drawn from citizens either living or working in the community. Persons from all walks of life have been or are represented on the Board, in an effort to reflect a broad cross-section of the community and a diverse number of viewpoints. Efforts are made to ensure that there is a balanced, equitable representation from business, professional, ethno-racial and other groups located in the community and served by the agency.


                        Christine Canapini's Board Member  Image                              

Stephanie Cortez                              Christine Canapini                             Sean Keane

President                                             Vice-President                                    Treasurer



Julie Cardy                                            Dr. Robert Walker                            Dr. Sudit Ranade   




Jamie Holmes                                     Kristyn Munroe-Butler                     Carly Roberts



Marcella Olivotto                              Balwinder Brar                                  Cole Anderson



Ryan LeBlanc                                   Claire Ross                                      Doug Mathany

If you are interested in learning more about opportunities to become involved with the Board of Directors, please click here.  

Please note that as a result of COVID-19 safety precautions our Walk-In Clinics and County Mental Health Clinics are on hold however, our services remain OPEN.  To schedule an appointment or find out more, please contact our Intake Dept. at (519) 337-3701.