Provincial Priorities Report


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The Child and Youth Mental Health Lead Agency Consortium is committed to the goal of continually
improving child and youth mental health services in Ontario so children and youth and their families
receive the right services for their unique needs at the right time and in the right place. This is a
commitment made with, and for, children and youth and their families. This Provincial Priorities Report,
and our ongoing community mental health planning and service collaboration, are key contributors to
this goal.

Lead Agencies for child and youth mental health are well placed to advise and inform the important
healthcare changes in Ontario. Our focus has been, and will continue to be, on the creation of a system
of high quality, timely, evidence-based, cost-effective services that are safe, locally-responsive and
client centered. We are pleased to present Realizing the Potential: Strengthening the Child and Youth
Mental Health System for Ontario Children, Youth and their Families, a report that builds on the Lead
Agencies’ experience and work to date in local planning, youth and family engagement, collaboration
and service provision.

This report provides our perspective on the current state of the child and youth mental health system
and offers recommendations to government for positive change. It identifies four critical priorities
that we believe require immediate attention as child and youth mental health services transfer to the
Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.
The four priorities are:
a) Improving our clients’ service experience - through use of a standardized measure of perception
of quality of care
b) Improving the quality and consistency of services – through the use of a standardized
common assessment
c) Improving access to services – examining availability, affordability, and acceptability
d) Improving outcomes for children and youth with the most complex needs – through the design of a
provincial system of supports

In each of these priority areas, this report provides the reader with key information and ideas that, if acted
upon, will create sustained improvements for the people and communities who need these services most.
It is truly an opportunity to make a difference for both the children and youth we serve and for the adults
they will become as we work to create a better and stronger Ontario today and in the future.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, our facilities are closed to the public however our services remain OPEN.  If you require mental health counselling or consultation please call (519) 337-3701.