Post Partum

* Please note that due to funding shortfalls this program will be ending March 31, 2020.


Are you dealing with Post Partum Depression?

Life with a new baby is not always what you expect. If you are not feeling like yourself, feeling sad, overwhelmed and irritable, the Post Partum Adjustment program offers a range of services to help new moms, dads, and families to adjust to their life with a new baby.  

To speak to a member of the Post Partum Adjustment Team please call (519) 337-3701 ext. 3.

Signs to Look For

While most parents experience a range of emotions, 1 in 5 mothers will experience some degree of Post Partum Depression (also referred to as Post Partum Mood Disorders) following the birth or adoption of a baby.

Parents experiencing Post Partum Depression may:

  • no interest or pleasure in activities they use to enjoy
  • not feel like a good mother
  • feel hopeless, frustrated or alone
  • have repeated scary thoughts about the baby
  • not feel like themselves
  • feel sad, exhausted yet unable to sleep
  • overwhelmed and unable to concentrate
  • restless, irritable or angry

With support, most parents experiencing postpartum depression recover. The Postpartum Adjustment Program can help by providing non-judgmental, individualized, and accessible services that include:

  • linkages to other services offered by St. Clair Child & Youth Services such as Infant and Child Development Services (ICDP), Early Years Mental Health Program, St. Clair EarlyON Child and Family Centre, Make The Connection, as well as other services in our community
  • information sessions for fathers, partners, family members and friends
  • information on issues related to the postpartum period, including postpartum depression screening for postpartum depression
  • supportive counselling
  • individual and family counselling
  • support groups
  • advocacy in the community

Links and Other Websites:

Please note that as a result of COVID-19 safety precautions our Walk-In Clinics and County Mental Health Clinics are on hold however, our services remain OPEN.  To schedule an appointment or find out more, please contact our Intake Dept. at (519) 337-3701.